Let's start mixing

You finally finished your tracks, you're excited, but something is missing. The bass doesn't sound as good as it supposes to, the lead vocal isn't quite intelligible along all the track and you feel that it isn't as polished as your references?

Then it's time for mixing.

Use our professional mixing service once and you will never worry about the sound of your songs again.


We know how to make all the instruments in your tracks shine and live together, we will emphasise every single detail.


We ensure you to get your song mixed within 3 days from the confirmation email. All the revision are made within one working day.


Your vision will always be our main focus, we would never substitute to the artist. Thus references tracks are welcome.

The Process

Our work starts by editing the raw tracks, remove any silence on the recording, check and fix any pop or clicks, do some fade if necessary. Then, it's time for the static mix: we make every element of the track sits in its space, by using our hybrid analog/digital chain that let us warming, widening and give more depth in your record. Once the static mix it's complete, it's time to make the track "live" by creating movement and excitement with automation and some of our secret weapons.


Our Mixing service starts from 120€ per track, you can take advantage of our "MIx & Master" offer for 150€ per track. The price would vary regarding the number of tracks submitted and any added additional service (alternative mixes etc..)

Get a free quote by filling the below form, don't worry to be as specific as you wish

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