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About Us

Choose the service that fits your needs the most among different one:

  • our mixing service will make your tracks glued and well balanced

  • the mastering service brings your already good-sounding mix to the next level.

  • if you are unsure about your mix, then the stems mastering it's the right choice for you.

Your tracks deserve the best sound and we know how to help you out, we ensure you to get the most out of your music.

We are a post-production studio based in Milan countryside, which offers high-quality services thanks to our top-end gears and well-known engineer Pierpaolo Moschino.​​


Let's make your raw record or arrangement sounds like a professional track.


Get your tracks the final touch and make them stands out in the market.


As a courtesy for new potential clients, Fluido Studio will master one of your songs for free.

Let your ears be the judge.

The Studio


Want to know more? Check out our gear list.

Hear for yourself how we improve your music
Baq - Chono


If you need more technical information, you may refer to our submission guidelines or the FAQ page. 

For any particular needs or further question, such as sound design works or music production requirement (yes, we do provide those services as well) please contact us at info@fluidostudio.com or via the below form. We are happy to help you.


Are you unsure if this service is right for you?


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